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Asrockrack Asrock X570D4U, 1Xskt Am4, Amd Ryzen, X570, Sata, 2Xm.2, 2Xgbe, Ipmi (X570D4U)


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HP LTO Ultrium, Super DLT and DLTtape IV Bar Code Label Packs provide an easy-to-use solution to the aggravation of bar coding. Under constant pressure to deliver quality of service with limited resources, the last thing IT managers should be worrying about is why their in-house bar code labels arent working properly or whose turn it is to operate (or run) the departmental label printer. Each HP label pack of consecutively numbered bar codes contains 100 data labels and 10 cleaning cartridge labels. No two pack sequences are ever identical to avoid data integrity issues in archives. HP Bar Code Label Packs will be available from most resellers that stock HP brand media. Finally, HP Bar Code Label Packs have been fully tested to guarantee performance in demanding automation environments, so unlike cheaper alternatives, users can be certain that their backups will never be disrupted by bar code quality issues.nnSaves Time, Money and Mistakesn- Allows staff to focus on more important tasks;n- Cost effective bar code labels;n- HP approved labels for maximum reliability;n- Simple to apply to all cartridges.

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